ELITE Double-Sided Edition

Double-Sided Periodic Table Display ELITE Edition

Periodic Table Edition Overview

  • Features a unique color-coded chart filled with more than 2,500 most recent accurate elemental data on a miniature double-sided layout – available in the compact size 10″x12.5″.
  • For each of the 118 elements, including the most recently discovered and named – at the end of 2016 – heavy elements 112-118, there are twenty chemical, physical and crystallographic parameters displayed, together with periodic trends explained, crystallographic conversion formulas, legends and explanatory notes, examples of molecular and ionic compounds, and other detailed information, all on a single chart!
  • Two beautiful and durable posters printed on high-quality, metallic Kodak ENDURA Premier Art Paper mounted side-by-side between clear acrylic panels.
  • Ultra-modern and elegant look, beautiful display ready to captivate!


Edition Details

Other Editions

Different poster editions are available for scientific and educational use in schools, colleges, science labs and libraries. Best gift for a student, teacher or science enthusiast. Unique layout and rich, accurate, up-to-date scientific data content.